For an editing class this fall semster I had to edit a scene form the movie “Faith, Love and Chocolate”. For this I was given all the footage and audio from the shoot and had to organize and edit it all together for a scene that was different from the directors vision.


Above is an example of a video bin for scene 57 of Faith, Love and Chocolate, below is an example of an audio bin for take 57Z.

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The Pause in the Sentence is a short film that I had the privilege of producing in the fall of 2016 as a part of my producing class. My responsibilities included scheduling auditions and shoot days, putting together and maintaining a production binder, and seeing that the film gets completed on time.

As part of the class I also had to be an assistant director on a separate film. It was a project I enjoyed very much and I hope to A.D on more films in the future.